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Class Offerings

Custom Classes
We can allow you, the parents, to choose dates and times if you can come up with 12-15 students to take the class. Your school district does not need to be one of our current locations to be considered for this program. Contact us for more information.

Driver’s Education is required in Iowa before you can get a school permit or a license to drive before your 18th birthday. The state of Iowa approved Driver Education program consists of a minimum of 30 hours of classroom and a minimum of 6 hours of driving with a state certified Driver Education instructor. Classes and drive times at Teen Driver Inc. meet all state guidelines. Guest speakers are brought in to help emphasis the importance of safe driving. Each speaker shows the consequences of what could happen if rules of the road are not followed. Personnel from law enforcement, the medical field, insurance agents, the railroad department, the truckers association, and the Iowa Statewide Organ Procurement Organization are all included as guest speakers. Instructors working for Teen Driver Inc. enjoy working with young drivers; we are patient and understanding, very flexible and willing to work with the young driver to help them develop safe and defensive driving skills. Drive times are arranged the first night of class.

Class locations are listed below. Click on the location you are interested in for registration forms and more specific information on dates and times. Out of district students are welcome to take classes at any location their cost for out of district is $340. If you qualify for free/reduced status at your school of enrollment  or if there are other extenuating circumstances you may qualify for a discount to take the class, please check with Teen Driver Inc., at 515-729-3414, to see what is available.

Summer class start dates will be adjusted because of snow make-up days. Continue to register as planned. Instructor will notify registered students of the new dates and times if needed. Any questions call 515-729-3414.

This is the current list of classes available:

These Schools are coming soon:

  • DMACC Urban Campus, Des Moines