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Welcome to Teen Driver, Inc. Driver Education and Instruction for all of Iowa

Teen Driver Inc. is a private driver education company based in Runnells, Iowa. We are fully licensed as an S-Corporation by the Iowa Department of Education and the Iowa Department of Transportation to do business in the state of Iowa. Ron Johnson is owner of the company and teaches for the Indianola School District. He is a certified driver education instructor with teaching and driver's education experience of over thirty years.

We are a new company concerned about the high cost of driver's education being offered by public schools and other private driver education companies. The declining budgets in public schools and the high cost of running a Driver's Education program is forcing many public schools to out-source their Driver's Education program. If you are finding yourself in this situation or are just looking to get your driver's education out of the way before it is offered in your school or at a location near you please take time to look through what Teen Driver Inc. has to offer. We welcome you at our site and we thank you for considering Teen Driver Inc.